søndag 22. januar 2012

making of box

Interior design isn't really my favourite thing of all. But I bought this plant, and it was lower than my former plant. I liked the way the last one looked, being tall and everything. So i desided i need a box/table thing to go under my new plant.

I've allways liked DIY better than shopping, so here is what I did.

1. Went into the horrible, dark, cold, tiny shed and got my carpenter skillz, some nails, saw and wooden plates/planks.


2. Allmost froze to death, with loads of strugling, made a box and started covering it with pages from an unwanted old book.
Made some awesome wheat glue/paste, used it decoupage style to cover the whole box with pages. (never going back to rice paste!)

3. Added some fab textured and some decorative paper to the box. Drew the owl for the front, then painted it, cut it out.

4. Made owls nest

the branch and the leaves blowing over to the other side

Miss owl and the moon behind her.

And then it was done and dry! And the plant could proudly stand a bit higher than before.

This fits really well next to my work station :]

A bit of Kimma appears in the picture. He was making pleasant backround noises of war for me, playing Battlefield during the whole process.

On another note, looking forward to be starting the IT class tomorow. That sort of skills can come in handy when one wants to make games.

Until next time! :]

fredag 20. januar 2012

Starting a new sketch-blog

Starting with a sketch or wip(not sure) from before the x-mas. Trying to figure out a visualisation for a project.

New sketch-blog! I had to face the facts that my old one was kinda creepy. And also, wordpress hasn't b
een working out for me for a year now. I've been having a lot of technical trouble for unknown reasons.

I will be posting snapshots from my phone here mostly, lost my wacom pen (very, very sad face) and the scanner isn't working atm. Got to get a portfolio website up and running for better quality image posting.

This will be used as an informal doodle/sketch and idea blog. A window into my pod, where people can observe the strugles of keeping a productive yet playfull mind.

Until next time!