mandag 25. februar 2013

Things I don't normally show

Yes, sometimes I don't do my usual painterly things. Still working on stuff. Totally forgot I had a bunch of crazy, old'ish neverbeforebloged stuf!

This is is supposed to be... Well, a pen drawing in a scetchbook with a racing car on it. Obsessed with this, scanned it at some point, cleaned up, messed it up with colors!

Enjooooooy :D


søndag 17. februar 2013

Wall of owls

I'm working on a bunch of things. Not ready to be shown yet. Meanwhile, have a wall of owls. Sketch for more woodcut prints :3

mandag 11. februar 2013

The etchings

Did a couple of etchings! Be gentle, it was my first time. Also, sorry for the bad photos, both prints are in brightish colors. Wish I could have come up with something a bit more interesting. Top one, you might have seen before, I stole it from my own digital painting. The bottom one is just a feathercloaked lady. 

I'll basically just do a bunch of these, rubbing in different colour combinations and techniques. And that is the last imagery from the printing course. I'll make a "best of" post with better photos.

lørdag 9. februar 2013

Drink and Draw online II

Chimera theme! Say hello to goatypillar!

This is my contribution :)

You can find videos of us drawing and talking here at our blog. We'll be posting the final images from our rambly sessions there too :D Check it out.

Straight to the video here

It looked like the top one when the streaming was over. Finished it up today :] 

onsdag 6. februar 2013

Woodcut'n printing

Long image, in blog format, for your blog reading pleasure!
A photo of my first two woodcut prints which i did in the grafic printing introduction class :3 I am amazed there was such a class availible for us at the less practical end of academia, and very pleased. Next stop is etching! Never tried that one before. Dipping things in acid is strangely aluring.

I'll try to choose a less foresty(<3) theme for the next stuff.



lørdag 2. februar 2013

Party of witches

Finally finished this! Started out as a landscape months ago, bacame a gathering for a witch ritual. Thinking of the Bene Gesserit as allways :]
Might fix their faces up a bit some day.


fredag 1. februar 2013

Drink and draw online

Thats what we diiiid...... Ill try and be cool about it

Theme was childhoods favorite characters horror edition. Link to the huge video of us talking.