onsdag 15. februar 2012

MOAR life model drawing

Some of the sketches from todays session. Sort of strange, I feel a lot of progress. And I can see actual progress in the 5 second sketches. Third try(the ones in this post) has far more marks/detail compared to the first two. Feels strange because I rarely feel this sort of improvement.

Some of these done with trusty old brush pen, then I swiched to charcoal. I never use charcoal, so don't be too hard on me :]

These are 5 second, 6 minute and 12 minute sketches(all on a3 format paper). The last one(yellowish one) is done in 40 minutes (on a2 format). I still kind of suck at drawing large. Somehow painting large is easier to me while drawing is harder.

More to come on friday, after the last session! :]
Maybe something in colour tomorow?


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