mandag 21. mai 2012


Art history exam is coming up in two days :( My hands get ichy when reading about art, I can't help it. Painted mr Rembrandt instead of reading about him right away I guess.

Typical master study practice, I focused on recreating the use of light and colours, trying to figure out how this handsome, old devil worked. Thanks to wikipedias art-database project, I managed to get a real good look at the sexy brush-strokes: the original

I chose to copy his last known selfportrait(allthough he looks youger in this than some earlier ones). It is said that he didn't intend for his paintings to be as dark as we see them today, the warnish he used, is said to have darkened over time.

Anyway, I think I did capture something about the painting, hopefullly the use of light, maybe the skintones? I must have done something right this time :)

PS CS5, standard brushes,
step by step images are the 4 layers used.

Egh... Back to reading thick books umder presure.

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